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DigitalTrust is an accredited IGTF Certification Authority via EUGridPMA since January 2017.

DigitalTrust has operated PKI Services as commercial Certification Authority (CA) for the provisioning of certificates since 2016. DigitalTrust has two different classes of hierarchies for the issuance of IGTF accredited grid certificates - one hierarchy that operates only within the IGTF, and another hierarchy that chains to publicly trusted Root CAs that also included in the IGTF distribution.

DigitalTrust is capable to issue:

The DigitalTrust Grid Repository is located here

Please contact us on the web form below if you are interested in a Managed PKI solution for the provisioning of IGTF accredited certificates for your enterprise or institution. Individual grid certificates may also be obtained by researchers by going directly to our retail portal at Contact-us

Certificate Support around the Clock!

Our support pages have been designed with both the network administrator and novice in mind. Our Certificate Support pages provide step-by-step details for each of the most common web server applications used today. If yours is not listed, contact a support technician for further help..